Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kat Von D Underage Red Painted Love Lipstick

I got Underage Red in a lip set earlier this fall but never got to try it out. I was a bit afraid because I have never worn a "firetruck red". I'm more of a dark red or classic red kind of girl. I like reds with deep tones of blues. Cooler blues that are light and almost orange-y usually freak me out. Anything that looks coral or have tints of orange are my worst enemy. They make me look like I just ate a popsicle and I totally can't rock that look :c

Here's what KVD's "Underage Red" looks on my NC20/25 skin. I think it's slightly deeper than pictured (I put a new lightbulb in) haha. But I love it!

Underage Red is described as a bright crimson shade on Sephora's site. But, I'd say it's far from that. Bright? Yes. Crimson? No. This shade of right is super intense, bright and matte. It isn't a deep but it's very bold. It's the most "true red" shade I own, but it isn't "Snow White" Red. It is one of my favorites but it unfortunately doesn't suit me for just casual wear. If you're looking for a deeper red, try KVD's Hellbent.

On to the actual texture and lasting's definitely silky as advertised, creamy, smooth but it definitely isn't moisturizing. It is slightly drying after a few hours. Thankfully, it isn't as drying as the "Foiled" series. But, it does settle into lines if you don't exfoliate your lips. Otherwise, I love it.

I'm not wearing any lip liner in this photo and I didn't have problems with it bleeding, but it does feather and fade after 4 hours and the staying power is less with food and water. So if you totally love this shade, I suggest trying to use some liner before applying this lipstick. 

So, is it worth the price? I'd say it's steep for the quality. There are dupes out there, I think "Hero" or "Chaos" would be good depending on your skin tone. I wish this lipstick was a tad deeper. I like this lipstick but it wouldn't be a repurchase for me. 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kat Von D Rosary Painted Love Lipstick

A few months ago I purchased Kat Von D's Starstruck Lipstick Set. Regretfully, I never had the chance to wear them because the majority of the shades aren't too "work" or "casual" friendly, with the exception of a few. I decided to do posts on each of the individual lipsticks because they're too different in texture, finish, sheen and staying power.

Here I am wearing the shade "Rosary". This picture was taken directly under artificial light. This is one of my favorite shades in the set and it's also the darkest. It's described to be a burgundy shade, but on my NC25 skin, it's more of a very deep blood red. It's not a true red, but it isn't a true burgundy either. It's a beautiful mix of both. 

kat von d rosary lipstick

kat von d rosary lipstick

I noticed that it is slightly darker in certain lights. Depending on how you wear it, it can turn out looking anywhere from sultry and vampy to classy and sophisticated. I wouldn't say this is appropriate for a work setting unless you're working at a fashion/beauty setting. It's a bit dark and I find that it can look a bit overwhelming. 

The lasting power is about 4-6 hours. The texture is creamy, smooth and it gives of a semi-matte sheen. 

As you can see, parts of my lips look lighter. This is what happens when you don't have super supple lips and wear Kat Von D lipsticks...I find the KVD Lipsticks don't have moisturizing formula's. The entire line will either dry out your lips completely, or do absolutely nothing for you. But, because the colors are to die for, extra lip exfoliating and moisturizing makes it worth it. 

In comparison to the "Foiled Love" Collection, KVD's "Painted Love" Collection is much more hydrating. 

You can check out more shades here. And see more reviews on KVD lipsticks here.
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